Our Brand

Ginger + Olive is a woman owned Australian small business. Our tees and singlets are ethically sourced, which is very important to our brand.

All our artwork is designed in Brisbane and all our printing is done in Australia. To prevent waste, your tee/singlet is printed specifically for you when you place an order, using water based inks. We firmy believe by only printing what is required, we are reducing waste which is much better for our environment and helping our planet. Being transparent about our manufacturing process is important to us. We are doing our little bit to take care of the world we live in.

I was very careful when I selected my supplier for Ginger + Olive, by choosing AS Colour tees and singlets, not only is the quality exceptional, the key to their sourcing is finding the right people with the right values. Whilst auditing factories and developing their management systems and policies is important at providing an ethical sourcing framework, more important is to find and work with factory owners and management who share AS Colour values. AS Colour operate a culture of dignity and respect, are in it for the long term, and are willing to embrace change and continuous improvement. Their suppliers are in Bangladesh and China, and with the continued support and responsive training from Amfori they have raised their standard due-diligence to assess where and what risks have increased during this time to identify areas they could continue to help. Amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade.

We print using waterbased inks from Brother. Unlike other inks on the market, Brother waterbased digital inks are Oeko-Tex™ certified and CPSIA compliant, meaning they are safe to print, even on baby and youth apparel. Water based inks also have a reduced impact on the environment compared to common plastisol inks.

Ginger + Olive tees and singlets are great quality, wash up really well and they look great on. Own it, love it, share it.